Diana Usagi

  I take the name "Diana" - Diana is the name of the moon goddess chaste life according to mythology, but "Usagi" is Sailor Moon's name in the Japanese story.I like the moon and its pure light.

  I love travelling and discover any strange and adventurous things all over the world, especially the cuisine.

That is the reason I want to create this site to share about all my favor.

who am I after 2 months from collegue graduation

Time is passing by, it is over 2 months since I graduated and started as an employee.

Looking back, what i've got after 2 months.

Nothing but some depression, stress and health loss.

But i can not give it up?

a newly graduate needs a job and can not face the fact that being unemployment.

lack of experience, lack or confident, lack of skill and insprirations. lack of all needed things to be self employer.